Brief Guide About Residential Structural Engineering

What is Residential Structural Engineering?

Moving from one place to another has become expensive and a lot of people are choosing to extend their homes in search of more living space. If you’re planning for home improvement, whether it’s a side/rear extension or a loft conversion, you will not only need the assistance of a builder, but also the expertise of a reliable residential structural engineer.

Residential Structural Engineer

Residential structural engineers usually discuss with private homeowners, coming up with the design and providing inspection work for home improvement projects and renovation. These residential structural engineers have several duties as listed below.

Duties of a Residential Structural Engineer

1. Conversions and Extensions

Whenever structural designs are needed, residential structural engineers will provide the appropriate designs. They also evaluate the structural integrity of any kind of project that has been performed at a property.

2. Surveys and Inspections

Residential structural engineers perform surveys and inspections at properties for various issues such as drainage issues, structural surveys on the various properties being sold or bought, applications of planning permission, and subsidence (prevention and diagnosis). Besides, they prepare reports on structural engineering as well as documents that provide a variety of recommendations to homeowners that require foundation or structure repair.

3. Plans and Calculations

You will require to consult a residential structural engineer whenever there’s a project that needs beam design or the installation or even the removal of a load bearing wall. They will assist you to carry out the work effectively and even provide an estimation of the overall cost needed.

4. Part Wall Conflicts

Between two neighbouring properties, the dividing wall is referred to as a party wall. Party wall conflicts come up when the property’s owner decides to perform construction work on or close to the party wall without the approval of the adjoining property’s owner. Residential structural engineers act as a mediator and provide a solution that feels good enough for both parties.

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